Chocolate peppermint warm up!

The first day of Christmas and what did I give to me?

A yummy coffee made with chocolate IP!

Ok… I truly drink this all year round, and on maintenance! I love the chocolate drink mix. I drink a protein drink for breakfast every morning.. and this is by far one of my favorites!

1 cup fresh brewed black coffee blend with 1 cup fresh baby spinach…

Once there are no bits of spinach left blend in your chocolate drink mix and add a few drops of peppermint extract. Blend until smooth!

Make sure your extract is sugar free.. you can use SF peppermint syrup too!

Giving thanks

Non scale celebrations

My family and friends are preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving. I am a food addict. Thanksgiving is one of those holidays where we focus a large portion of our attention on what’s on the table (or in our belly.)

I am trying to change my focus because I will be 100% on protocol. So I am taking the time to enjoy my family and friends.

Yesterday I had a long drive home with my Mom and two of my nephews. We had a wonderful weekend with my brother and his family. We came through the mountains (we live in California and had gone to Nevada) and were greeted with a winter wonderland. What did we do? We pulled over and made snow angels and had a snowball fight…

So in celebration of Thanksgiving I am thankful for IP in giving me the energy and stamina to keep up with two little kids… and the ability to make MUCH smaller snow angels… (I was to embarrassed to make them before!) (FYI, no that is not me in the picture… we had technical difficulties taking pictures of Aunty!)

Facing family gatherings

I have been overweight my entire life. I have worked really hard to get the weight off, and kept it off for over a year. The last few months between health and a broken “give a darn”, I shot up the scale.

The holidays are coming. So many reasons to just tell myself to wait until next year… after all there are parties, family stuff, tons of goodies in the window.

I had promised myself I would start again on November 15th. We flew home on the 13th, and I was going to use the 14th as my day to say goodbye to the foods I have been shoving in my face.

I woke up in the 14th prepared to do just that… only I couldn’t. I woke up with this fierce determination to start immediately and change the direction I had been heading in. This is the same feeling that hit me when I started IP.

This weekend I drove to my brother’s home. He lives in another state. My brother is a gourmet chef and a darn good one too! And we enjoy his food a lot.

To my surprise they had all worked together to prepare meals that would be protocol for me! My brother did his research on the veggies and meat I can eat.

I know my determination is strong right now… but having people willing to be in my court during the holidays…. priceless! I am ready, and I will not fail! Bring on the holidays… I am prepared to truly enjoy spending time with family and friends!

I am updating this because I was asked about recipes.  For dinner last night we had a salad bar with oven roasted turkey, lettuce, bell peppers, mushrooms, & homemade tomatillo sauce (my brother does not use a recipe but it has tomatoes, garlic, jalapeño, onions, lime juice, apple cider vinegar.) as the dressing!

Breakfast was scrambled egg, peppers, & mushrooms, topped with tomatillo sauce.


This isn’t a Diet…..its a lifestyle

I’ve never liked the word diet because it has the word DIE in it. To me a diet denotes something that is transient and that is not the way I wish to view my commitment to health. I have always struggled and yo-yoed with my weight throughout my lifetime. This program and IP lifestyle is the first program that has truly worked for me and stuck with me.

Last week, Andrew and I got married. We spent a week in Mexican Riviera paradise where we ate what we wanted, drank what we wanted, and swam the days away. When I returned home the scale was up nearly 7 pounds and that signaled to me it was time to reboot. I’ve been home a little under 3 days now and I have managed to shed 5.6 of the 6.8 pounds that I was up from the trip. I like to go back to basics when I want to restart my system. Here are some examples of what I will eat in a day:

  1. Premade chocolate or vanilla with 2 shots of espresso over ice.
  2. hard boiled eggs
  3. vanilla crispy square
  4. Zoodles with ground meat and mushrooms
  5. Grilled salmon with veggies
  6. a turkey burger patty wrapped in lettuce

These are a few of my favorite things. With the holidays upon us I know that I will be vacillating between following the reboots and eating some tasty things. The big thing I remind myself is to be gentle with myself because this is a life journey instead of something short lived. Have you had a similar experience?

Getting the most out of your time

If you are like me, your schedule is packed and meal prep is a royal pain. Between work, household chores, and trying to keep the dog moving… it’s all I can do to get to the store and put a meal on the table. Planning requires time and energy that are on short supply.

Yet, when I take time to plan, I KNOW that I am actually making life easier. (Though it really doesn’t feel that way when I try to engage my family in meal planning…. Grrrrr!)

This week, I did a half hearted attempt. I put a family pack of chicken breasts into a crockpot with some fat free chicken breast on Sunday, and cooked and jarred Spaghizza sauce.

Sunday we had spaghizza with zoodles and mushrooms. Monday I cut up that chicken and did a flash sautéed with green beans. Tuesday I cut up chicken and added some diced tomatoes, seasoning and fresh mushrooms and spinach, Wednesday I took the chicken and made chicken fried rice (cauliflower rice, broccoli, angel hair pasta). Thursday night I took the left over hamburger and I made Spanish omelettes (my hubby’s favorite!) (hamburger, taco seasoning, tomato sauce, eggs, egg whites, green chili sauce)

No meal took more than 15 minutes from start to table.

I hate to say it, but that hour I took to prep on Sunday may have saved me about 4 hours….

Where did my get up and go… go?

Let me start with the fact that I missed writing a blog. I was dealing with some health issues. Without going big into a lot of details… let’s just say I put my weight on the back burner for too long.

Here’s the thing: Ideal Protein works, and you can keep it off… maintenance works… but you can’t loose your focus.

I lost my focus and put on about 25 pounds. I had maintained for well over a year, got sick, and over the last 6 months I have lost focus.

Getting right back on after a splurge is effective and gives you a deep sense of pride. Getting back on after months of neglect comes with a sense of failure… and success requires you to counteract that feeling.

Today is day 3 for me. I feel like I am back to the beginning of my journey. You remember day 3. The headaches, lack of energy, the feeling of being overwhelmed. I know that I need to suck it up and get it done.

Sheer determination to get the weight back off is guiding me at the moment. I know I can do it. I know that it can be kept off too. I know the health benefits from staying on top of my weight are crucial to my happiness and sanity.

Today I start my day with a fabulous cup of chocolate drink mix, Walden Farms caramel syrup, Kona coffee, and a pinch of sea salt. I put it in my favorite mug.

I’ve got big plans, and being fat doesn’t fit into my plans!

Thanksgiving Meal Ideas


THANKSGIVING MEAL IDEAS – No need to feel left out of the traditional dinner celebrations with this menu:

~8 oz. lean turkey (6 oz. cooked)
~Potato Biscuits, pg. 31 Janeva’s Ideal Recipes Cookbook
~Cauliflower Mashed Fauxtatoes, pg.86.
~Flavored water with cucumber, lemon and mint.
~Pumpkin Pie Souffles.
~Festive fresh veggies idea, serve with WF dressing or dip
~Asian Green Beans, pg. 85.

Note: Choose the correct portion amounts from the above ideas.