Changing the “can’t”

One word that threatens my ability to move forward is “can’t.”

When everything is super regimented, it feels like I am living in what I can’t have and can’t do…

This is where I get stuck. And depressed… and angry.

My sister reminded me: I am the one with the power. Yes, I will hear “can’t” for the rest of my life… but I still have a choice.

I can choose to eat off Protocol. But I don’t WANT to. I am the one who chooses to eat healthy, provide myself longer sleep periods, and to either stay home or go out.

Last night my hubby and I went out… third night in a row where we were doing something… then I slept 7 hours straight!!!! And you know what? I made a choice to focus on relaxation and happiness… and the world did not come to an end!!!!

I can choose!!!!


When to seek help

I can blame the stress. I can blame my health, I can blame the world. I choose to accept that I own my problem.

I got tasked with a new challenge… and I have an awesome boss who preaches work life balance (and actually walks her talk.). She reminds me daily not to burn out… and yet I don’t listen and work 12+ hours a day.

I have an awesome husband, who reminds me to be present and part of the family. Who is ready and willing to be helpful… and yet I try to do it all.

I have family and friends who invite me to do things with them… get outside, get fresh air… and I “can’t” because I am working.

I have a wonderful coach, who checks on me when I go radio silent, and encourages me to make healthy choices…

My support system is firmly in place… my head knows what to do… my body is screaming at me to listen…

Like any addict… the struggle between what we SHOULD do… and what we ACTUALLY do consumes our lives. And it takes wake up calls to make a change. The challenge is staying motivated and pushing through what is best for us, versus what is comfortable for us…

Following Ideal Protein isn’t hard… it’s uncomfortable. Yes it’s a strict diet, yes it’s pre-packaged stuff.. but others have paved the way to make it delicious. Is there an effort… yes… does it take planning… yes. Is that hard? No… but it isn’t easy.

The bigger challenge is facing all the reasons you didn’t make your health a priority. Finding something inside you worth the fight.. and the making that a lifetime commitment. Damn, growing up sucks!

Today is a new start. And the only way to start is to take a step… listen and activate support systems… breathe… dig deep… and make a plan. SMART goal time.

I will lose a minimum of 10 pounds between today and July 22, and I will do so following strict protocol, including weekly visits to my coach, and I will not hide from the scale.

Today I make my health my priority.

Confessions of an addict

Any one who has ever battled an addiction knows. We know what quitting means, we know that making good choices is the path to healing. Whatever your addiction, it’s a pull to something that is beyond reason.

I come from a very long line of addicts. Food, alcohol, drugs, shopping, hoarding… my family has a lovely variety. I am proud to report that we have a really strong history of being able to call ourselves recovering addicts…

IP has helped me with a battle on food addiction. I use food to celebrate, hide, smother, energize, and fuel. I think everyone does… but as an addict, I don’t have the filters in place to prevent me from going to extremes. IP has helped me set up boundaries in a way I never saw before.

If you are an addict, often you know your triggers. Mine are lack of sleep, perceived responsibility, and frustration when things don’t go the way I planned (yes. I am aware that I can’t control everything… working on it.) My triggers have been tested a bit lately… most of the time I have managed it… but last night… BAM…

So today I say… thank goodness for IP. I am not lost. I am not broken. I am a recovering addict… and I have tools… and I am really proud that I can right course.. and I love IP!!!!

It’s a choice

I awoke this morning with a ton of things to do. The color run starts in 1.5 hours, house cleaning, doctor appointments, laundry, grocery shopping, meal prepping… and my family coming for a visit. The dog needed to be walked, the fur babies needed to be fed. I started my morning feeling overwhelmed. Silly. It’s a Saturday. My life isn’t dramatic. Yet I make it overwhelming. Me. I did that…

I took the dog out. Fed the animals. Made myself a lovely cup of Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate (coffee, IP chocolate drink mix, Walden Farms caramel syrup, cinnamon, ginger, cayenne pepper) and sat down.

It’s 6am on a Saturday morning. It is OK to relax. It is also ok to turn down the volume on life… I want to do something fun. I have things that need to be done… but no one is going to be hurt if some of it doesn’t happen! So I am taking a moment for me… and reminding myself that I can choose!

Choose healthy and choose happy!

Depends on where you look

I was walking my pooch this morning and all the sudden it was raining.  It’s May, it’s cold, it’s raining… again.  I looked up… dark clouds… to the right and front of me blue sky.  What the heck?

I started to feel like a cartoon character where the rain stays right over that guy..  and no one else!

Wait a minute.  I am not a cartoon character.  I can choose to go to where it’s blue sky.  So I did.

May you look for and find blue sky today. Then go for it!!!!


Carbs are NOT Created Equal


All carbs are not created equal. Overeating carbohydrates goes hand in hand with over consuming sugar, says Jason Ewoldt, R.D., wellness dietitian at the May Clinic Healthy Living Program. “Generally, most people are not over consuming fruits and vegetables or even whole grains but rather processed and enriched carbohydrates including foods with added sugar.” Over consuming sugar and refined carbohydrates can create a whirlwind of unpleasant symptoms, including these common side effects:

  • Carbohydrates naturally bind with water in your body. For every gram of carbs that you consume, you also hold on to three grams of water. So after you eat a carb-rich meal, your body retains excess water and you look and feel puffy as a result.
  • Many common sources of carbohydrates cause abdominal gas. Carbonated drinks, for example, and foods rich in fiber are common gas producing foods.
  • Sugary carbs cause your brain to release dopamine, a pleasure hormone. The more sugar you consume, the more dopamine is released and the more your body seeks the reward. Some scientists refer to it as an addiction.
  • When you overeat carbs, you may be more likely to overconsume calories. You may feel energized short term, but you will get hungry quickly. Refined cabs don’t provide the same level of satiety as complex carbs, healthy fats and protein. The result is that you will feel hungry and then low-energy soon after eating. Long-term this will lead to a pattern of over eating and weight gain.
  • If your skin isn’t clear, fresh and radiant, changing your diet will help. Studies have found that eating a diet full of sugary, high glycemic foods can aggravate acne and cause breakouts.
  • Dental problems? Your carb intake can be to blame. Health experts point to an increase in dental work in people that overconsume sugar.
  • One of the most noticeable short term effects of consuming too many carbs is the effect on blood glucose. Glucose levels quickly elevate providing a surge of energy, then take a nose dive as insulin shuttle glucose into the cells. These ups and downs cause a change in your energy, appetite and even your mood.
  • The fatigue caused by high carb consumption causes a “carb crash” that can have a long-term impact. David Sack, MD, wrote in Psychology Today that “research has tied heavy sugar consumption to an increased risk of depression”. He goes on to say that “the roller coaster of high blood sugar followed by the crash may accentuate the symptoms of mood disorders.

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