Plan B

IMG_9072Sometimes you can’t control anything.  That’s when you have to implement plan B… or in my case C… because …. life.

Was planning to work from home, so salad fixings ready but not packed.  Emergency required me to go to work… Salad pieces thrown in bag… go

Get to work.  Forgot a bowl, lettuce, silverware, dressing… throw the salad toppings on a plate… deli turkey, cucumber, peppers, angel hair cabbage. plan C… turkey wraps…

Today I reminded myself to never give up, never give in!  win!!!!!

Random acts of kindness

My coach and I were talking and I was relaying a story. She commented on how I take emotions in, and how they affect me deeply.

I did some listening and assessing this week. She is right… but it is who I am. When something happens, good or bad, to someone I care about… I get charged emotionally.

When I am emotionally charged, I don’t necessarily take time to make decisions. I react.

Two weeks ago I was dealing with this emotionally charged reaction. To counteract it, I was trying to do random acts of kindnesses to strangers.

This week, I was focused on me. How selfish right? Wrong! I was still doing random acts of kindness for others, I just made sure I was being kind to me too!

The funny thing is, I had more energy to give. I had more joy to give. I made smart choices, and had less guilt. Morale of the story for me: Do not just practice random acts of kindness on others. Surprise yourself too! It helps spread the good things in life: kindness, joy, and love.

The gift of prepping

I know it’s only been a week… and I know I am a hormonal train wreck… but for the first time in a while I feel good. It doesn’t matter what the scale says…

I see a lot of posts about people on their second+ round. You get back on and it’s harder. That is true.

It’s also true that you can do it. I tried several times to restart… but I didn’t give it my all. I was micro cheating. Cheats that happen because you are not 100% focused. Fattier meats, a little extra oil, a dash of this, a lick of that… just one bite won’t hurt… poof derailed.

Last Saturday I sat with my coach for the first time in a while. There was no lecture. Just love and support. Instead of feeling bad about the weight gain.. I was encouraged to plan and prepare for where I am right now.

I spent a few hours prepping for the week… I made my menu plan, purchased my groceries, prepped my veggies, and precooked what I could.

I stopped worrying about my next meal because it was ready to go. Seriously, I actually gave myself an extra 30 minutes of sleep every morning by not having to get up and deal with making lunches and pulling out “something” for dinner. If I was running late at night, my hubby knew what was planned and could help out. I could start my day logging all my food into MyFitnessPal… and know I was on track!

I lost sight of how powerful prepping and planning can be. I work 40+ miles from home, and I have been working 9-10 hour days. Work life balance is critical but hard to do… spending an additional hour a day agonizing over what to feed everyone, especially when the menu request is “whatever” (my least favorite meal to cook by the way!), is draining.

This week could have been just another “whatever” kind of week… but it wasn’t! Planning and prepping gave me more time to relax…. and that is the best gift ever!!!!!


Breathe in…. and out

Today was one of those days. I woke up at 5am and never stopped.

I started my day with my coffee and protein shake… 5 meetings later I realized I needed to eat… but couldn’t get away from my desk… I found my bag of Ideal Protein Salt and Vinegar chips. 5 more meetings and I am starting to get kind of hangry. Oops….

My hubby fed me a bun-less burger. Better!

The reality is we need to stop and eat… I also need to stop, and breathe… balance… time to center and balance again…

Just a small reminder… keep the big picture in perspective. Breathe… stretch… eat well… sleep well… it is really helping me to keep the stress and the cortisol down!!!!

Reflections of April

April is one of those milestone months for me. I married and divorced in the month of April, I bought my first car in the month of April, I moved 3000 miles in the month of April. I had gastric bypass in the month of April. The man of my dreams, and now husband, was born in April.

Yesterday, I was reflecting on how many major milestones happened in the month of April. It hit me, it’s spring, everything feels fresh and new. There is hope and determination in everything. The flowers are bursting out of the ground, the very earth we stand on shows is strength, determination, and beauty.

Yesterday, I took a walk with a friend along the beach. At the end of our walk we faced a staircase. It occurred to me about 3/4 of the way up, that I was not winded. Another milestone! I am healthy!!!! I may not be “skinny” but I am healthy…

FYI, the staircase may seem like a long climb, but getting to the top, and appreciating how far you have come feels amazing!!!!

Feel like you aren’t fast enough?

img_8418Are you a slow loser like me?  I have been averaging between .5-1 pound a week.  I have a thyroid issue and hormonal challenges.

I am losing… but more importantly I am feeling better!  I have a little bit of energy, & I am smiling again.

Weight is not a battle that you win and it’s over… It’s something we need to be aware of and fight everyday.  Keep this in mind, no matter how small, celebrate the effort…

This isn’t a race…. it’s life!